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LATEST POST: LOCKED DOWN: HOW TO SET YOURSELF FREE FROM A NARCISSIST A relationship with a narcissist is like being a caged bird. You can, however, set yourself free, as I have.

Uncaged Bird

A BELFAST CHILD RETURNS About retracing my mum’s footsteps by visiting her hometown of Belfast, a city triumphantly rising from its traumatic history.

INCONVENIENT TRUTHS Why are women so often vilified for telling the truth? My experience of speaking up about my ex/boss’s abuse of power and our toxic relationship.

Dear Dubai Ex: Closure

If You Know, You Know

Get Lit (Not Gaslighted…)

In Control: Warning Signs of a Controlling Partner

Fibro Mojo on the Go(Go)

How To Date An Arsehole

Invisible Scars

Gaslighting Survival Guide

The Ex Effect

The Cat’s Whiskers

Me Too: My Stories

The Kid Question