A selection of personal blog posts. Click on the title to read the post. Enjoy!

LATEST POST: A BELFAST CHILD RETURNS About retracing my mum’s footsteps by visiting her hometown of Belfast, a city triumphantly rising from its traumatic history.

RECENT POST: INCONVENIENT TRUTHS Why are women so often vilified for telling the truth? My experience of speaking up about my ex/boss’s abuse of power and our toxic relationship.

Dear Dubai Ex: Closure When you ask for closure but someone won’t let you move on, move on regardless…

If You Know, You Know When someone chooses to abuse or mistreat you within a relationship, you are not to blame. It is their issue, not yours. The best revenge is to live life happier without them…

Cyberstalking: A Protest Why some supporters held a Twitter protest for me in November 2019.

Foodgasm What is a foodgasm and is eating food better than having sex? A tongue-in-cheek post about my love affair with food.

In Control: Warning Signs of a Controlling Partner

It’s Not Me, It’s You

Get Lit (Not Gaslighted…)

Fibro Mojo on the Go(Go)

How To Date An Arsehole

Invisible Scars

Gaslighting Survival Guide

The Ex Effect

The Cat’s Whiskers

Me Too: My Stories

The Kid Question