Turtles and Trolls


Love the message in the picture above. I’m posting this in response to the vile person (and all trolls in general) who decided to message me to rip me to shreds in the week my father died. This is what they said: ‘Like everything else on your blog, [the post] ‘Daddy’s Girl’ is a fiction, part of a carefully crafted image you have created for yourself online. Everything you’ve written screams “I’m a poor victim of a cruel world”, and the worst thing is, you actually believe it, but the reality is very different.’

This is my response to that bullsh*t. Tearing me down just makes me stronger. Thank you. I hope it made you feel better. If you think I have a ‘woe is me’ attitude to life then you do not know me at all. That’s absolute nonsense. I have made mistakes but I always own my sh*t and take responsibility. I always pick myself up and move forward with a positive mindset. Always surviving, never a victim. I have lived, loved, learned and grown. I write with honesty about my experiences and my flaws. I write about my life experiences to help others – to show them that sh*t happens in life but you just have to keep going, keep trying to be the best person you can be, keep being the little turtle trying to reach the ocean. I have written negatively about past relationships and exes to help others to recognise that they may be in similar toxic/emotionally abusive relationships, to encourage them to find the courage to leave, and give them hope that there is life after such relationships. I write about my Fibromyalgia to promote awareness of what life is like for those of us living with the condition. I wrote about my Dad in ‘Daddy’s Girl’ https://wp.me/p9u5hw-Rg as a tribute and a way of coming to terms with that inevitable loss – criticising that post was unnecessary and cruel. I am as proud of that blog post as I am of all that I have written. Speaking the truth is not always easy but it is brave and an essential part of my desire to live an authentic life. I am also proud to be the woman I am; I stand by the choices and decisions I have made in life, and my blog reflects the real me.

Encountering trolls is the downside of blogging and my choice to make aspects of my life public. I accept that and am strong enough to deal with any inevitable negativity. Those people who feel the need to criticise me should perhaps concentrate on creating more happiness in their own life instead of focusing on me and denigrating my work. If my blog inspires someone to positively change their life, to seek healthy relationships, to go explore the world, to live the life of their dreams, then its purpose has been achieved. How to deal with trolls? Ignore them. Remember that they don’t know you so their comments are irrelevant. People who feel the need to negatively comment on your life clearly have very little positivity going on in theirs so feel bad for them. As fun as it can be to engage with them, to wind them up and respond, don’t waste your time. Just rise above it all and recall Oscar Wilde: ‘There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.’ If you are receiving comments then you must be provoking thought, emotion and reaction. Isn’t that the point of blogging?

💕 Peace & love 💕




2 thoughts on “Turtles and Trolls

  1. It’s really hard to imagine someone bothering to spend time writing bad comments on a blog, why would you even bother? Still, you can be content, because if someone posts derogatory comments about you, it tells you a lot more about them than it does about you. Funnily enough, Michaela and I at hungrytravellers.blog each suffered a close bereavement last year, AND we set turtles free! It’s all on our blog….coincidence though, huh?

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    1. I think it largely depends on your blog subject matter. Never had anything negative said about my Travel stuff but last year I wrote a blog post ‘How To Date An Arsehole’ when I was living in Dubai. It was controversial for Dubai so I was suspended from my job as a teacher and I had to leave Dubai immediately to avoid arrest! I got a lot of troll comments after that! Thanks for your comment. Sorry for your losses but glad you got to set turtles free 😊 Take care.


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