Montréal Street Art


Montréal is a street art colourscape dream! I’ve been in heaven the last few days exploring the fantastic murals to be found all over the city – some of the best street art work I’ve ever seen. Montréal is an incredibly creative, cultural place, and the graffiti and murals visually represent Montréal’s artistic free spirit. The annual mural festival draws street artists from all over the world (D*Face, Ben Eine etc) and it is clear that street art is an integral part of Montréal’s cultural identity.

For those keen to explore Montréal’s street art delights, download the MURAL Festival app, which lists the artists featured round the city and provides a useful map to help you track down specific art work – was invaluable to me.

Until October 28th, you can also see the ‘Surfaces’ Urban Art Exhibition beside the Place des Arts complex (first set of pictures below…).

Highlights from October 2018:




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