The Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec


From the moment I set eyes on the uber-modern sleek exterior from the Grande Allée, I knew I was going to love The Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and I was right. The museum is arranged into three pavillions. I entered through the Pierre Lassonde Pavillion and immediately felt at home. I received a very friendly welcome from the staff who explained the layout of the museum to me. The Pierre Lassonde Pavillion has three floors displaying Contemporary Art (I started at the top and worked my way down as I usually do at art museums) and then walked through the covered connecting corridor to the other two pavillions: the Charles-Baillairgé (displaying Modern Art) and Gérard-Morisset (displaying Ancient and Modern Art) Pavillions. The Gérard-Morisset Pavillion is currently closed as the collection is being reorganised but I wasn’t disappointed as the contemporary and modern art on display in the other pavillions was fantastic and more to my taste than ‘ancient’ art anyway.

Highlights for me: David Altmejd’s mind-blowing installation ‘The Flux and the Puddle (located on the lower floor of the Gérard-Morisset Pavillion); David Moore’s ‘aLomph aBram’ installation in the tower of the Charles-Baillairgé Pavillion (its past as a former prison evident), and the exhibitions dedicated to four significant Quebec artists: ‘Wide Awake Dreamer’ Alfred Pellan; ‘Silence and space’ Jean-Paul Lemieux; ‘Metamorphosis’ Jean-Paul Riopelle; ‘Painter of light’ Fernand Leduc.

Overall, the architecture is stunning, the collections on display creative and thought-provoking, photography is permitted, and this is a lovely space to come to be inspired or to take a breath and just get lost in your thoughts…

Highlights from my visit October 2018:





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