Kraków, Poland

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  • Stayed July 2018
  • Accommodation: Bubble Hostel – had a great time here, staff were really helpful and friendly and most travellers were happy to socialise. Good location, within walking distance of the train station and the Old Town.

Wow! What a place. I absolutely loved loved loved Kraków! It has beautiful architecture, loads to do and it’s a great place to spend time. On my first day in the city I headed to Oskar Schindler’s Factory then mooched my way through Kazimierz and the Old Town area. Visitor numbers are restricted at the Factory so it’s worth pre-booking your ticket or getting there early. Restricting numbers is a good thing though because it means the permanent exhibition doesn’t get overcrowded and you can go through it at your own pace. The permanent exhibition is excellent – well-constructed with the intention of educating visitors about the Nazi occupation of Kraków during World War II and the role that Oskar Schindler played in saving the lives of over 100 Jews.

On my second day I visited Auschwitz. You can make your own way there by bus from Kraków (with a pre-booked ticket obtained from the official website) but I went with the See Kraków tour company which I can recommend. For me, it was the easiest option as you get picked up from your hotel, led around the two sites (Auschwitz I and Birkenau) and returned to the pick up point. Our tour guide was very good and I found the whole experience incredibly moving.

My third day entailed a trip to the magnificent Wieliczka Salt Mine. Though you can arrange a tour that does Auschwitz and the Salt Mine on the same day, for a more relaxed experience I would recommend doing them separately. Again, I took the See Kraków tour, it was a smooth experience and the Salt Mine is a wonder to see.

On my final day in the city I was going to go shopping with some lovely Irish girls I met at my hostel but we hadn’t realised that the shops would be closed on a Sunday – so we picked a restaurant overlooking the main market square and enjoyed chilled Polish beers in the sunshine – before catching the night train together. Good times!

Selection of pictures from my stay:


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  2. Nice to know about it =) I am French and I am currently living in the lovely city of Galway. Are you living in Ireland or England?


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