Travel Diary


Well hello there… I will be posting a weekly overview of my travels below (wifi permitting ha ha).

Week 3: Poland – Warsaw and Kraków

What an amazing week this week has been in Poland. Some interesting hostel happenings: bugs invaded my dorm room in Warsaw in a scene befitting of a horror film, swarming in through the window, spreading across the ceiling and dropping on to our beds. A lovely lad working at the hostel came to our rescue though, swatting them with a towel as if his life depended on it. When I arrived at my Kraków hostel, I discovered the building was being renovated which meant being woken up at 6.45 am each day to maintenance men working away just outside my dorm window – and getting a morning wave from them as I staggered out of bed! I also flashed one of them when I was in the shower as I didn’t realise they could see into the bathroom too. From the smile on his face I’ll assume I haven’t scarred him for life ha ha.

Met a lovely English girl at my Warsaw hostel and we met up again in Kraków to watch the England-Croatia match in the most English pub we could find. A random bloke invited himself to join us as we sat at the bar necking Desperados and it turned out he was an up-and-coming English actor in town to shoot a film. Nice guy. Such a fun night. We found a bar post-match that served all drinks for 4 złoty (about 82 pence). It got messy and I made it back to my hostel at 5.30 am… Love the group shot of us that I’ve put on Instagram (and after two and a half weeks, I’m happy to say that my shadow ban has been lifted – thank you for taking me off the naughty step Insta!).

I’m walking between 15 – 25 km per day now which is incredible given how poor my health was just over a year ago. Proud of my recovery and how well I am managing my Fibromyalgia at the moment. Removing all stressful situations from my life seems to have made a dramatic difference to my wellbeing – here’s hoping my improved health continues.

I treated myself to a beautiful art nouveau necklace when I was in Riga and started wearing it this week. As dragonflies symbolise change and transformation (all about embracing change rather than fearing it with the ability to handle whatever changes may occur), it seems apt to wear it with pride during my journey…

Bye Peeps! 🙂

Week 2: Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius

Been a lovely week. I’ve visited three countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) in the past week and been impressed by each place for different reasons. See my Travel page for details and photos for each place. A few nights in each city has been enough but I could easily have stayed longer in each. My trip is fully planned up until the end of July but when I plan the rest of my round-the-world adventure I am going to factor in longer stays in destinations for a more relaxed travel experience. As in other parts of the world, even if you don’t share the language, a smile goes a long way – just don’t take it personally if you don’t get one back.

Stayed in a party hostel in Riga. I wasn’t aware of its hard partying reputation when I booked it but it was a lot of fun. A bit like Freshers Week at uni – everyone seems desperate to appear cool, likeable and looking for a ‘good time’ 😉 About 20 of us signed up for the Latvian beer-tasting session, a great way to meet fellow travellers, and I hung out with two Australian-Russian couples and an American guy, quickly bonding over shared travel experiences and an appreciation of beer. It was an hilarious night of karaoke and drunken dancing from what I remember…

In Vilnius I treated myself to a private room which has been lovely. Dorm life for the most part is OK as most travellers are respectful but poor dorm etiquette can get annoying. A young lady the other day decided to set her alarm for 6.30 am – which is fine as people getting up early for onward travel is to be expected – but she proceeded to press snooze three times and then stayed in bed. She was still in bed at 9.30 when I left the hostel to catch the bus to the next place. I never cease to be amazed by how selfish people can be – or by the kindness of strangers also. We are a funny breed human beings.

According to my health app I’ve walked around 90KM in the past two weeks so weight had been dropping off me – until I discovered a yummy smoked plaited Latvian cheese! I have eaten my body weight in cheese and crackers this week ha ha. Enjoying local delicacies is all part of traveller life – so I keep telling myself anyway!

Bye peeps! 🙂

Week 1: London

Only been on the road a week and it’s already been eventful! After starting my journey with a mild concussion (due to an unexpected altercation with a bathroom cabinet…), this week I managed to burn my face with my hair straighteners, lose my Oyster card, lose photos I thought I’d backed up, had wifi issues, failed to book enough nights in my London hostel as I’d mixed up my dates – I swanned off for a day of exploring only to discover I should have checked out that morning when I returned but luckily the lovely staff at YHA London Central sorted me out with a bed in a dorm/sauna (no AC during a heatwave was brutal but on the upside I think I sweated off some pounds as I slept ha ha) and got myself into trouble with Instagram after I posted a picture of boobs (not mine obvs, an arty abstract image from a photography exhibit) amongst a selection of pics, which resulted in my post being removed and a shadow ban. Oh well, such is life.

Being in London for the week has been an art and culture dream. I’ve been in street art heaven traipsing all over London photographing great work and visited some fab exhibits: Azzedine Alaïa: The Couturier at the Design Museum; Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art at the Tate Modern and Art Made Now: 250th Summer Exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts. Will post pictures on the Art page of my blog when I have time.

IMG_2623 2

Who said life on the road isn’t glamorous? A cheeky laundry selfie.

IMG_2625 2

All my Worldly goods in a 20KG wheelie suitcase and a backpack. Who needs stuff when you have travel memories…

Despite some mishaps, it’s been a great week. I feel on good form health-wise (keeping hydrated, eating healthily as much as possible and taking rest breaks when I need them) and I am happier than I have been in years, stress-free, and absolutely loving my nomad life. Can’t wait to see what next week has in store for me…

Bye peeps! 🙂



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