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Hi! Welcome to Uncaged Artbird, a forum for my passions and escapades. Iā€™m a blogger and poet nomadically exploring the world. Living with Fibromyalgia, my life has been challenging at times but lifestyle changes have helped me to maintain good health. With my blog I hope to promote greater awareness of this chronic condition and encourage everyone to fulfil their travel dreams.

Current Location: Nashville, USA šŸ¤© I will be based here March – end of April. Been promoted to a position of responsibility at Music City Hostel (sister hostel of Nashville Downtown Hostel) šŸ˜Š

Flight Path: Track my round-the-world journey here

My Top 5:Ā My favourite countries to visit so far have been Japan, Guatemala, Canada, Mexico and Italy. Still so many places left to see though…

šŸŒŽ Blog has been read by people in 91 countries; 5 new countries – hello South Korea, Argentina, Nigeria, Myanmar and the Dominican Republic šŸ˜Š

*NOTE: I have removed the following blog posts indefinitely: How To Date An Arsehole; For the Record; Get Lit (Not Gaslighted); Invisible Scars; From One (Ex) Mistress To Another; Letter To The CEO. All of these posts relate to an important chapter of my life and I stand by everything written, but it’s time for all of us involved to have some peace. I’m giving that… with love.

NEW TRAVEL POST: Tulum, Mexico

ARTBIRD NETWORK: A not-for-profit travel community offering discounts for 59 quality hostels/boutique hotels worldwide. Click here for the full list of Artbird Network properties Thrilled to welcome: The Nest Boutique Hostel Galway; Glenelg Beach Hostel Adelaide; Envoy Hostels (located in Tbilisi, Yerevan and Phnom Penh); The Liverpool Pod; Marken Gjestehus Hostel 2019 HOSCAR winner Best Hostel in Norway; Oaklands Lodge New Zealand; Community Hostel 2019 HOSCAR winner Best Hostel in Ecuador; Caveland Santorini and the multi-HOSCAR winning (2019 Best Hostel in Europe) RoadHouse Prague to the network šŸ¤©


Read about why I created the Artbird Network here: ‘TravelLoveShared’

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Wishing peace, love and good vibes to all šŸ’•

Take care, Lisa.