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Hi! Welcome to Uncaged Artbird, a forum for my passions and escapades. An art, film and travel buff, I’m a blogger and poet nomadically exploring the world. Living with fibromyalgia, my life is at times challenging but I remain positive and hope to promote greater awareness of this chronic condition 💜

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Current Location: El Paredón, Guatemala. Next stop: Returning to Antigua, Guatemala for business.

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  • New Travel post up: Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
  • New blog post up: Journey So Far… Thinking of pursuing your dream of long-term travel this year? Read this blog post first so you have an idea of what you are letting yourself in for…
  • Excited to announce the launch of the Artbird Network – a network of quality hostels and boutique hotels that offer discounts to travellers. Travel cheaper to travel longer. Check out the Travel Promos page and the new Instagram account @artbird_network Follow to keep updated on recommendations and promo codes.

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