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Half-English/half-Irish, I am an ex-teacher, dedicated foodie, and modern art/street art enthusiast constantly seeking new places to travel to. At the start of 2018, my life was rubbish – I was unhappy in my job, my relationship, and struggling with poor health after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a chronic medical condition. Life felt like a daily battle until I had an epiphany. I underwent a radical detox, leaving behind my old life, selling my possessions. In June 2018 I set off round the world with a heart and mind hungry for new places, people and adventures… Read more about my story here About Me

I got my happy ending. A long-held dream of mine was to work at a Michelin-starred restaurant in London and I’m so proud to have achieved my goal. Working for Fred Sirieix and Chris Galvin at Galvin at Windows, London Hilton on Park Lane, taught me so much about fine dining. After three intensive months of training, I was fortunate to be offered positions at some exceptional restaurants in London and I am excited to continue my hospitality journey working for Ollie Dabbous at Michelin-starred HIDE Restaurant training with Tiziano De Mattia and his team at Hide Above. Hospitality is not just a job; it’s a lifestyle. It’s demanding work but such a privilege to be given the opportunity. Life is too short not to do what you love.

I hope reading my blog inspires others to have the courage to live the life of their dreams, a life that makes them proud of who they are and all that they have to offer the world. Don’t let anything hold you back and never allow companies or individuals to walk all over you just because they feel entitled to do so. Stand up for yourself, your values and beliefs. After seeking legal advice, I’ve been informed that I have enough evidence to proceed with a civil case for damages from my ex/boss and company (see About Me) but I have chosen not to pursue the matter further. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind and I am not someone motivated by money. I don’t need to win a court battle to prove I’ve always told the truth.


There are two certainties in life: the Sun goes down but the Sun perpetually rises again; there are always reasons to keep going and be hopeful when life is tough. In 2020, go after what you want, don’t settle for less than you deserve, and remember – you get back what you put out into the world. If you are honest, your heart is in the right place and you treat others as you expect to be treated, good people and good experiences will come your way. Know your worth and make your boundaries clear. It is OK to remove people who negatively impact your life from your life without apology. You are responsible for your own happiness and wellbeing. My blog highlights how damaging emotionally abusive/coercively controlling relationships can be. However, recovery and healing are possible. Be strong, be kind to yourself and to others, and always be true to yourself.

Hopefully 2020 will be a year of positivity and joy, offering happy moments and exciting travels for my followers and for me. This Uncaged Artbird will certainly continue to spread her wings…

Peace, Lisa.


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